What I Do

I like to make music

I like to help make music


Sometimes the most daunting part of a song is trying to record it like you imagine it. Whether it's the instrumentation, performance, or something nebulous that you can't quite put your finger on, I can help with that. There is no one answer to every musical problem, but there is always a solution!

If you're already past that recording hurdle and need someone to treat your tracks with some musical love and care, mixing is one of my favorite parts of the musical process. Just like with production, there's no one answer for every song — each track has to be approached with an open mind.



While I was in college in Austin, TX, I developed a love for multimedia art. I composed soundtracks and created sound effects for several video game projects, wrote podcast themes, scored animated shorts, arranged and recorded pieces for small ensemble, and wrote music for dance performance.

If you need music written, arranged, or recorded for a project you're working on, I would love to help your vision come to life.


If you're in need of French horn or vocals for your project, send me a message! I've performed with the UT Symphony Orchestra and New Music Ensemble, as well as the studio vocal ensemble, Ensemble 109, but have lately been lending the mellow sound of the French horn to various studio albums.